Sleep Collection

Offering a wide variety of mattresses from ultra plush to lumbar supporting firm, these mattresses are designed to be durable and comfortable. The orthopedically designed innerspring units and fire shield barriers supply long lasting comfortable mattresses.


Holiday Sleep Collection mattress is a double-sided pillow top EXTRA firm mattress with a super duty Bonnel Innerspring Unit which will provide the ultimate in back support.  This solid built mattress exhibits the classic features such as heavy duty gauge steel, firm HD foam, and a flipable design to ensure years of durable support. Comfort Level: Extra Firm

MSRP $999 Twin -$1,899 Cal King


Malibu Tight Top Sleep Collection mattress is a luxury firm mattress using a classic 6 turn Bonnel Innerspring Unit.  The heavy duty compressed cotton upholstery pads are used to bring support and flexible comfort.  The foam encasing allows for more stretch area and edge-to-edge support.  Comfort Level: Luxury Firm

MSRP $799 Twin -$1,299 Cal King


Midnight mattress Sleep Collection is a plush designer mattress with a Euro Pillow Top.  Mixing fashionable stretch knit fabric with contrasting borders gives visual designer appeal, making your sleeping sanctuary comfortable as good looking.  Layers of soft and medium foams come together with the comfort quilt creating a plush pillow top, while still supportive and flexible utilizing a classic 6 turn Bonnel Innerspring.  Heavy duty cotton upholstery pad and Foam Encasement is also featured in this mattress set.  Comfort Level:  Medium Plush

MSRP $899 Twin -$1,499 Cal King

Orthopedic Euro

Orthopedic Euro Pillow Top Sleep Collection mattress utilizes an Orthopedic Designed Innerspring Unit to help spinal alignment and prevent toss and turning. The Euro Pillow Top offers a firm high density layer giving firmer support. U-Guard Edge Supports maintain greater corner to corner support area. Comfort level: Firm

MSRP $799 Twin -$1,299 Cal King


Orthopedic Tight Top Sleep Collection mattress utilizes an orthopedic designed innerspring unit to help spinal alignment.  U-Guard Edge Supports maintain greater corner to corner support area, preventing roll off. Comfort level: Firm

MSRP $499 Twin -$1,099 Cal King


Sakura Sleep Collection mattress is a double-sided super extra firm mattress.  Using a Super Firm 548 Bonnel innerspring with multiple Z Guards, this mattress is the firmest available.  Designed for durability and strength, this mattress is for someone seeking firmness with minimal flex comfort.  Comfort Level: Super Extra Firm

MSRP $799 Twin -$1,299 Cal King


The Emperor Euro Pillow Top Sleep Collection mattress with stretch knit fabric is designed with multi-layers of foam, a Bonnel Innerspring Unit, and comfort quilting.  U-Guard edge supports maintain greater corner to corner support area, preventing roll off.  This mattress is a perfect mix of plush and firm support.  Comfort level: Medium 

MSRP $699 Twin -$1,299 Cal King